Hi there! Welcome to your one-stop shop for Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, and Fear Itself resources, scenarios, and commentaries on our favorite Horror TTRPGs. As more stuff is dropped in, you’ll find this website chock full of tantalizing content ranging from recordings of my group’s sessions, reviews of the TTRPG books that keep our imaginations roiling, and scenarios that’ll have your gut sink in terror.

This website was created with the purpose of educating and assisting Game Masters and players through the process of character, scenario, and concept creation. While all of the information here is horror-related, you can certainly apply it to other games beyond this scope (i.e. DnD, Pathfinder, Tales from the Loop). I do hope you find my content and musings helpful!

The Membrane’s Most Recent Musings

The Final One: An Analysis of Horror Character Tropes

This series features spoilers for Guillotte & Christiansen’s ‘The Highway of Blood’ and various horror films. Special thanks to Annie, Gabriella, Jordan, and Ryan for allowing me to pick at your PCs brains! Who are the characters that come to mind when you think of ‘the final one’? For myself, it is horror icons like…

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