Ground Zero

I cannot stress just how excited I am to finally have this website up and running. Between life commitments and university, building the foundations of the Membrane’s Journal took almost 6 months. And those 6 months felt loooooong! There were times where frustration would get the better of me, and I’d smash those foundations to smithereens before beginning the process of building once again. To finally have it released to the public makes me so proud, and very nervous!

I’d like to give thanks to a couple of people who stuck it out with me in setting up The Journal. First: Annie, my partner-in-crime-and-life who put up with my panicked musings on how I should mess with the gutter size, and how I sh–; I could go on, but you get the idea. Her level-headedness and empathetic nature kept me mostly contained, and I love her for that. Second, Sergio from Mayday Roleplay, for bearing witness to an onslaught of updates on how things are going. Despite some of my more questionable concepts, you matched me with infectious enthusiasm that led me to delivering on my own goals. Thanks bud.

And finally, a huge, HUGE, thank you to my favourite people on this planet: The Tabletop Group. When I came to you guys with the idea of setting up a website for everything horror TTRPG-related, you were all so supportive and excited for what was to come. So, Andreas; Aimee; Ammie; Callum; Dawn; Dylann; Emily; Gabriella; Jordan; Mark; Olivia; and Ryan: from the deepest pits of my heart, thank you.

Now, sappiness aside – there is still a lot to do for the Membrane’s Journal. A number of resource kits for scenarios, and self-written scenarios are on the horizon. Many of them are still in preliminary planning stages, and release should look like this:

  • The Final Case, a resource kit for a Fear Itself scenario.
  • Music From a Darkened Room, a resource kit for a Delta Green scenario.
  • Only Yourself, a Call of Cthulhu compilation of 4 short scenarios designed for 1-on-1 play.

If you’ve been enjoying what’s on this website, consider donating to the Australian Marine Conservation Society. You’ll get a bunch of goodies if you show a receipt to me, like development updates to resources and scenarios, play-testing opportunities, and other things that let you make your mark.

I’m mega keen to see where this takes us, stay tuned!

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