Brendan D. – Handler, Keeper, and Membrane


In truth, Brendan really isn’t all that scary. He was born in Sydney, Australia before spending much of his childhood abroad in countries like the United States and Switzerland. He is currently back home, pursuing a career in HR Management, though his true passion lies in the creation of fictional worlds, terrifying situations, and exciting characters for his friends to interact with. He began his journey with TTRPGs in 2014, his first experience being a halfling without a class (his friends didn’t quite have a grasp of DnD rules back then), huddled under a literal stairwell with his orcish friend settling racial tensions. Brendan was hooked ever since, combining his love for all things horror and roleplaying into a creative output as a Game Master for Call of Cthulhu, DELTA GREEN and Fear Itself.

With this blog, I hope to create a space where my players and any enterprising Game Master can gain an insight into the GMing process. I’ll be making recaps of my experiences of campaigns here, thoughts on horror in TTRPGs and other mediums, resources for you to use, and prewritten scenarios for you to enjoy.

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