Pelgrane Press’s The Final Case is an absolute romp of a Fear Itself scenario. Player Characters must come to the aid of an old mystery-loving friend who has gotten himself into deeper water than ever before. They find themselves trawling through the darker side of London in pursuit of their friend and the strange case he has involved himself in. Little do they know: the horror unleashed upon this world was for the most unlikely of reasons; desperate and devoted love.

The Final Case is available in Fear Itself’s The Book of Unremitting Horror.

Please keep in mind that this resource kit bases The Final Case in December 2006. The resources kit (14 MB [Print Version]/27 MB [Online Version]) for The Final Case contains the following:

  • A map of the Coldharbour Lane Squat (the online version has VTT integration for Roll20!)
  • Audio recordings of the Answerphone Messages
  • Brandon’s Documents and Email
  • APH’s Business Card
  • A Salmon Cabs’ Flyer!

Header image created by Jérome Huguenin, for The Book of Unremitting Horror.

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